O Eterno Retorno Elei Es Municipais Para Presidente No Brasil 1989 2014 Demografia Sociedade Economia E Geografia

Author: Antonio C. Alkmim
Publisher: Letra Capital Editora LTDA
ISBN: 8577856038
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ste estudo é um esforço de compreender o Brasil em dois sentidos. Primeiro, considerando a inércia histórica que faz com que o país não atinja a magnitude para ele esperada, do ponto de vista da sua estrutura econômica e social. Daí uma permanência que é herança colonial e que avança alcançando a república desde seu momento inicial. A outra dimensão eleitoral, vista sob a perspectiva das eleições presidenciais de 1989 até 2014, mostra que por trás desde pano de fundo da relativa inércia estrutural, o país ainda enfrenta problemas que vão desde a participação dos seus cidadãos, até uma conjuntura que expôs dois ciclos com dois respectivos campos políticos: o PSDB e o PT. Partidos com perfis socioespaciais distintos e crescente polarização. A inércia estrutural e os ciclos eleitorais que mostram territorialidades distintas, constituem a resultante desta análise.

Reconstructing The Brazilian Nation

Author: Jens R. Hentschke
Publisher: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft Mbh & Company
ISBN: 9783832930318
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Today, education is one of the weakest spheres of the public sector in Brazil. However, those who suggest a return to Getúlio Vargas's self-styled "social democracy" are misguided by the magnificent visions, impressive efforts to increase the State's cognitive capacity, and far-reaching social legislation of his era. Reconstructing the Brazilian Nation goes beyond the analysis of national debates and laws and explores the implementation of education policy from the national level to the regional, municipal, and individual school levels in two key states, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul. The book shows that Vargas's reforms were characterized by a technocratic modernization philosophy, a dualist concept of education, political indoctrination, and the aim of cultural and ethnic homogenization. Such a policy left little room for genuine inter-governmental co-operation and had no ear for critical educators and inspectors. Real progress was possible, but it resulted from remarkable grassroots initiatives, rather than from an increasing infrastructural power of the State. The population explosion and populist campaigns of the post-war period further undermined Vargas-era public policies.


Author: Drauzio Varella
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1849838666
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The Carandiru House of Detention, in the teeming city of São Paulo, was the largest and most crowded prison in Latin America. Known as the 'Old House', it was also highly unusual in the way it was governed. Closed to the outside world, and even largely to the wardens, it was run almost entirely by the inmates themselves, who created a unique society complete with politics, hierarchies and a system of justice. In 1989, at the height of the AIDS epidemic in Brazil, with only a handful of physicians attempting to treat an inmate population of over 7,000, the medical situation at Carandiru was dire. A city doctor, Drauzio Varella, volunteered his time at Carandiru over the course of thirteen years, in an effort to combat the rampant disease. As he gained the inmates' trust he was given access to their society, where he was overwhelmed by the profound humanity and freedom of spirit shown by these men, despite their terrible crimes and the inhuman conditions in which they lived. Lockdown is Varella's powerful depiction of life on the inside, wherein he recounts the prisoners' colourful and surprising stories. The book ends with the massacre by the police of the prisoners that ultimately brought down the 'Old House'.