Every Penny

Author: Kate Singh
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781976154423
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This is a true story of one family and their journey towards a frugal and sustainable life. This is the author's story from a childhood with money issues on into a marriage with the struggles that come from lost jobs, moving, and starting over on one meager income and, not only making it work but thriving and enjoying a good life. This is a story of being poor and not feeling a bit of it. It's about living richly and having more than other more wealthy families may experience. It is about the joys of a simple life and how to make one income work even when there is no income for a bit of time. Can you have very little money and still have it all? Yes, it is a matter of knowing what is truly important in this life.

The Big Change

Author: Frederick Lewis Allen
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351305301
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Frederick Lewis Allen was one of the pioneers in social history. Best known as the author of Only Yesterday, Allen originated a model of what is sometimes called instant history, the reconstruction of past eras through vivid commentary on the news, fashions, customs, and artifacts that altered the pace and forms of American life. The Big Change was Allen's last and most ambitious book. In it he attempted to chart and explain the progressive evolution of American life over half a century. Written at a time of unprecedented optimism and prosperity, The Big Change defines a transformative moment in American history and provides an implicit and illuminating perspective on what has taken place in the second half of the twentieth century.Allen's theme is the realization, in large measure, of the promise of democracy. As against the strain of social criticism that saw America as enfeebled by affluence and conformity, Allen wrote in praise of an economic system that had ushered in a new age of well being for the American people. He divides his inquiry into three major sections. The first, 'The Old Order,' portrays the turn-of-the-century plutocracy in which the federal government was largely subservient to business interests and the gap between rich and poor portended a real possibility of bloody rebellion. 'The Momentum of Change' graphically describes the various forces that gradually transformed the country in the new century: mass production, the automobile, the Great Depression and the coming of big government, World War II and America's emergence as a world power. Against this background, Allen shows how the economic system was reformed without being ruined, and how social gaps began to steadily close.The concluding section, 'The New America,' is a hopeful assessment of postwar American culture. Allen's analysis takes critical issue with many common perceptions, both foreign and domestic, of American life and places remaining social problems in careful perspective. As William O'Neill remarks in his introduction to this new edition, The Big Change is both a deep and wonderfully readable work of social commentary, a book that gains rather than loses with the years.

Getting To Know Me

Author: John Henry Croom III
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477103740
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John H. Croom, III is a retired chief execujtive of one of the nation's largest natural gas companies. In his auto-biography, Getting to Know Me, he relates stories of his familu and childhood in his native North Carolina, his decision to be a professional engineer, and events throughout his adult working life, that took him north for almost fifty years, before retiring to his native state. Of special note, he expands on the interplay of marketing competition, regulation and politics in the natural gas business. His book concludes with his reflections on forces and natural occurrences that shaped his life, his career and his retirement.


Author: Tony Illman
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 154340085X
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This book is based on our lives. It starts very briefly in the United Kingdom and quickly moves to the Eastern Highland of Rhodesia. It moves through our childhood while we’re living in the eastern border areas, Umtali, Sabi Tanganda, and Chipinga. As we pass through our teenage years and become adults, it travels with us to Western Australia and then back to Chipinga. We share the lives of others as the Rhodesian Bush War escalates in what was a quiet and idyllic country town to one of the most dangerous and deadly districts in Rhodesia. Then the books deals with our final move back to Western Australia and our struggle to once again build a life for our children and ourselves. To most people, this may seem to be an unusual life, but to a Rhodesian, it would be considered pretty much the same story as many other families. Although it is our story, there are many stories told by others who have shared our way of life. It is about love, hate, and humor. It is about determination and desperation. It is about life and death and friendship and community spirit. Most of all, I hope it is a monument to those who died or were seriously injured, physically or mentally, black or white. It is also a salute to those incredible farmers, the Rhodesian armed forces, and those who worked in the rural areas during those troubled times. For me personally, writing this book has been a huge emotional journey.

Beating The Odds

Author: Eddie Brown
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118061329
Size: 61.93 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Beating the Odds is the improbable, inspiring autobiographyof financial guru Eddie C. Brown, one of the nation's top stockpickers and money managers. It details how Brown skillfully keptBrown Capital Management afloat through the dot-com bust, 9/11 andthe Great Recession. Born to a 13-year-old unwed mother in therural South, this African-American investment whiz created aBaltimore-based financial firm that amassed more than $6 Billionunder management. Brown delves into the profound heartbreak and disorientationupon the death of his beloved grandmother – who was hissurrogate mother -- and recounts how Brown's moonshine-runningUncle Jake subsequently became the dominant adult figure in Brown'slife. His unflinchingly honest, easy-to-read memoir details howintellectual curiosity, abiding self-belief, hard work and divineprovidence helped Brown earn an electrical engineering degree,become an Army officer, and later a civilian IBM engineer. Readerswill learn of the strife that ensued when Brown quit IBM to earn anMBA, leading to investment jobs that prepared him to start his ownmoney management company in 1983.

Ten Pound Poms

Author: A. James Hammerton
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719071331
Size: 74.19 MB
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The authors draw upon a rich life history archive of letters, diaries, personal photographs and oral history interviews with former migrants, including those who settled in Australia and those who returned to Britain. They offer original interpretations of key historical themes, including motivations for emigration; gender relations and the family dynamics of migration; the 'very familiar and awfully strange' confrontation with the new world; the anguish of homesickness and return; and the personal and national identities of both settlers and returnees, fifty years on. --book cover.

Get A Life

Author: Ralph Warner Attorney
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 1413314570
Size: 43.82 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Retire happy and healthy without keeping a million bucks in the bank! The financial-service industry wants you to believe that in order to avoid financial destitution, you need to put aside huge amounts of money that you -- let's say it together -- "should have begun saving years ago." Not true, states Ralph Warner, Nolo co-founder and the author of Get a Life . Although a sensible savings plan makes good horse sense, many other actions and decisions will determine whether you enjoy your retirement years. Get a Life shows you how to beat the anxiety surrounding retirement, and to develop a plan to make your golden years the best of your life by: developing family relationships maintaining and creating friendships improving health keeping active developing a robust curiosity for the world realistically calculating how much money you need and how to secure it The 5th edition provides the latest research and studies that show physically and mentally active retirees live longer and enjoy happier lives. New in 2008: Also in this category, by coauthor Ralph Warner, Retire Happy: What you Can Do Now to Guarantee a Great Retirement.

Asta Travel News

Author: American Society of Travel Agents
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