The Anti Justine

Author: Restif De La Bretonne
Publisher: Wet Angel Books
ISBN: 9781902588933
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Restif de la Bretonne was perhaps the key author inspired by the publication of the Marquis de Sade's 'obscene' masterworks Juliette and Justine. In 1798 Restif wrote this pornographic epic, thus beginning a long tradition that continues to this day. The story is a pornographic novelization of Restif's sexual debauches, which he tried to defend 'morally' by declaring it an 'antidote' to the supposed poison of de Sade; yet while it opens with a warning to women against cruelty, it soon develops into an odyssey of sexual depravity which rivals de Sade in its relentlessy explicit nature.


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The White Rose

Author: Bruno Traven
Publisher: Synergy International of the Americas
ISBN: 9781934568262
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A monumental confrontation in the 1920's between a ruthless robber baron owner of a USA oil company and a Indian Mexican farmer (steward/owner of the White Rose hacienda). A clash of two cultures, total exploitation for maximum profit vs. reverence for the land and what flows from it. As in this novel: We all are poor people, delight in the machine, in the airplane, the radio precisely because we have lost our attachment to the soil. This loss leaves us apathetic and distracted. That's why we need gasoline - to anesthetize us, to make us insensible of our loss, of our pain, gasoline that deludes us with speed so that we can flee all the quicker from ourselves and the needs of the heart. A Collector's Edition

Enchanted Night

Author: Steven Millhauser
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307425754
Size: 47.58 MB
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From the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Martin Dressler comes a stunningly original new book set in a Connecticut town over one incredible summer night. The delicious cast of characters includes a band of teenage girls who break into homes and simply leave notes reading "We Are Your Daughters," a young woman who meets a phantom lover on the tree swing in her back yard, a beautiful mannequin who steps down from her department store window, and all the dolls "no longer believed in," left abandoned in the attic, who magically come to life. With each new book, Steven Millhauser radically stretches not only the limits of fiction but also of his seemingly limitless abilities. Enchanted Night is a remarkable piece of fiction, a compact tale of loneliness and desire that is as hypnotic and rich as the language Millhauser uses to weave it. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Art Of Beowulf

Author: Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520015128
Size: 19.29 MB
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During the twenty years that have passed since the publication of J.R.R. Tolkien's famous lecture, "Beowulf, the Monsters and the Critics," interest in Beowulf as a work of art has increased gratifyingly, and many fine papers have made distinguished contributions to our understanding of the poem as poetry and as heroic narrative. Much more, however, remains to be done. We have still no systematic and sensitive appraisal of the poem later than Walter Morris Hart's Ballad and Epic, no thorough examination of the poet's gifts and powers, of the effects for which he strove and the means he used to achieve them. More than enough remains to occupy a generation of scholars. It is my hope that this book may serve as a kind of prolegomenon to such study. It makes no claim to completeness or finality; it contributes only the convictions and impressions which have been borne in upon me in the course of forty years of study of the poem. - Preface.