La Grossesse Des Paresseuses

Author: Anna Deville
Publisher: Marabout
ISBN: 2501060679
Size: 40.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Le guide qui va vous aider à passer de la jeune écervelée à la Madone à l’enfant, le tout sans effort. Vous avez un « Polichinel dans le ventre », des milliers de questions se pressent dans votre esprit. Or, tout le monde le sait, le cerveau d’une femme enceinte rétrécit proportionnellement à la poussée de son ventre. Ouf ! Avec ce guide, vous trouverez ici des informations extrêmement sérieuses sur le développement de la prunelle de vos yeux, sur l’avenir de votre bidon, sur les démarches qu’il va maintenant falloir faire pour assurer l’avenir de votre « famille », mais aussi des réponses aux questions que vous n’oserez pas poser à l’homme en blouse blanche qui va fouiller votre « temple de l’amour » tous les mois. Sans oublier des réponses aux inévitables : « C’est pour quand ? », «C’est quoi ? », « Y’en a combien là-dedans ??? » (pour éviter de répondre « dans deux ans », « un teckel», « 12 et demi ») !

This Perfect Day

Author: Ira Levin
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1453217614
Size: 80.97 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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By the author of Rosemary’s Baby, a horrifying journey into a future only Ira Levin could imagine Considered one of the great dystopian novels—alongside Anthony Burgess’s A Clockwork Orange and Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World—Ira Levin’s frightening glimpse into the future continues to fascinate readers even forty years after publication. The story is set in a seemingly perfect global society. Uniformity is the defining feature; there is only one language and all ethnic groups have been eugenically merged into one race called “The Family.” The world is ruled by a central computer called UniComp that has been programmed to keep every single human on the surface of the earth in check. People are continually drugged by means of regular injections so that they will remain satisfied and cooperative. They are told where to live, when to eat, whom to marry, when to reproduce. Even the basic facts of nature are subject to the UniComp’s will—men do not grow facial hair, women do not develop breasts, and it only rains at night. With a vision as frightening as any in the history of the science fiction genre, This Perfect Day is one of Ira Levin’s most haunting novels.

Livres De France

Size: 66.28 MB
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Includes, 1982-1995: Les Livres du mois, also published separately.

Health Policy In A Time Of Crisis

Author: Bayla Ostrach
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315308657
Size: 68.17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Health Policy in a Time of Crisis is a vivid ethnographic account of women and providers navigating the Catalan health system to obtain and provide publicly funded abortion care. Grounded in critical medical anthropology, the book situates access to publicly funded abortion care in the context of austerity and ongoing threats to recently liberalized laws, examining the actual levels of access in the region. In so doing, it examines the disparities experienced by immigrant and other women, documenting the diverse approaches adopted to overcome obstacles to care. Using accounts from both providers and women seeking care, Ostrach’s richly grounded analysis illuminates a healthcare system during a period of economic crisis and disagreement over reproductive governance. Researched against a backdrop of growing movements against austerity and for Catalan independence, the result is at once a study of true access to public health care in times of crisis and a compelling account of some women’s determination to go to any length to get the health care they need. Engagingly written, it will make interesting reading for scholars and students of anthropology and public health, as well as policymakers and the general reader concerned with the politics of abortion and public health.

Mapping Fate

Author: Alice Wexler
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520207417
Size: 80.66 MB
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Wexler tells the story of a family at risk for Huntington's disease, a hereditary, incurable, fatal disorder from which her own mother died. This graceful and eloquent account goes beyond the specifics of the disease to explore the dynamics of family secrets, of living at risk, and the drama and limits of biomedical research. Photos.

Awaken Healing Energy Through The Tao

ISBN: 9780943358079
Size: 48.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Taoist Esoteric Yoga is an ancient, powerful system of physical, psychological and spiritual development encompassing meditative and internal energy practices. This unique and comprehensive book reveals the Taoist secret of circulating Chi, the generative life force, through the acupuncture meridians of the body. This comprehensive list includes: Opening the Energy Channels; Proper Wiring of the Etheric Body; Acupuncture and the Microcosmic Orbit; Taoist Yoga and Kundalini; How to Prevent Side Effects; MDs Observations on the Microcosmic Orbit. Written in clear, easy-to-understand language and illustrated with many detailed diagrams that aid the development of a powerful energetic flow, for psychological and spiritual health and balance.

La Place

Author: Annie Ernaux
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351227084
Size: 75.65 MB
Format: PDF
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The full French text is accompanied by French-English vocabulary. Notes and a detailed introduction in English put the work in its social and historical context.

Reaction And Reconstruction In English Politics 1832 1852

Author: Norman Gash
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571296289
Size: 58.70 MB
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'It is a melancholy thought that as soon as reforms are put into practice, disillusionment enters the political scene...' Norman Gash's Ford Lectures, originally delivered at Oxford in 1964, address an era of reform that followed the Repeal of the Test and Corporation Acts in 1828, Catholic Emancipation in 1829, and the Reform Act of 1832. The history of this period has often focused on the conflicts that proved necessary before the Acts came to pass. But it was only after 1832 that the real crisis of reform emerged: the clash between what had actually been done, and what men thought should be the consequences of what had been done. As Gash notes of the arguments over the Reform Bill of 1831, "substantially the foundations for the Victorian two-party system were laid by the divisions of politicians into Reformers and Conservatives."