Fatal Eggs

Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
Publisher: Alma Books
ISBN: 1847493939
Size: 55.16 MB
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Set in 1928 but written four years earlier, during Stalin's rise to power, The Fatal Eggs is both an early piece of science fiction reminiscent of H.G. Wells and a biting, brilliant satire of the consequences of the abuse of power and knowledge. Professor Persikov, an eccentric zoologist, stumbles upon a new light ray that accelerates growth and reproduction rates in living organisms. In the wake of a plague that has decimated the country's poultry stocks, Persikov's discovery is exploited as a means to correct the problem. As foreign agents, the state and the Soviet media all seize upon the red ray, matters get out of hand -


Author: Wilkie Collins
Publisher: London : Smith, Elder
Size: 40.70 MB
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The Absolute Differential Calculus

Author: Tullio Levi-Civita
Publisher: Dover Publications
ISBN: 9780486446370
Size: 13.29 MB
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A chief requirement in the study of relativity is knowledge of the absolute differential calculus, the subject that Einstein found necessary for developing his ideas mathematically. Tullio Levi-Civita was one of the founders of this field of mathematics, and he presents a clear, detailed exposition of the subject in this classic book. The first section of the three-part treatment examines functional determinants and matrices; systems of total differential equations; linear partial differential equations in complete systems; and algebraic foundations of the absolute differential calculus, concluding with a geometrical introduction to the theory of differential quadratic forms. Part two, a study of the fundamental quadratic form and the absolute differential calculus, focuses on covariant differentiation, invariants and differential parameters, and locally geodesic coordinates; Riemann's symbols and properties relating to curvature, Ricci's and Einstein's symbols, and geodesic deviation; relations between two different metrics referred to the same parameters, manifolds of constant curvature; and differential quadratic forms of class zero and class one; and some applications of intrinsic geometry. The third and final section explores physical applications, including the evolution of mechanics and geometrical optics and their relation to a four-dimensional world according to Einstein; and gravitational equations and general relativity.

Mira The Mahatma

Author: Sudhir Kakar
Publisher: Penguin Books India
ISBN: 9780143099642
Size: 79.15 MB
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A Brilliantly Woven Narrative, With Facts As The Warp And Imagination As The Weft . . . Kakar'S Is A Marvellous Effort To Peel Away The Layers Surrounding Gandhi'-Hindu It Is 1925 And India'S Struggle For Independence Is In Disarray, Impeded By Factionalism Among Its Leaders And Rising Incidents Of Communal Disharmony Across The Country. Meanwhile, Having Withdrawn Himself From Active Politics, Bapu-Mahatma Gandhi-Is In The Sabarmati Ashram In Gujarat, Immersed In The Creation Of An Ideal Community That Is Dedicated To The Highest Standards Of Self-Discipline, Tolerance And Austerity. Into This World Comes Madeleine Slade, The Daughter Of A British Admiral, Who Has Set Her Heart On Becoming Bapu'S Greatest Disciple. Bapu Embraces Her Into The Fold And, As She Becomes An Indispensable Part Of The Ashram And His Life, Renames Her Mira After Mirabai, The Legendary Devotee Of Krishna. But It Is Not Long Before Mira'S All-Consuming Desire To Serve Bapu Transforms Into A Desperate Need To Be Close To Him At All Times And Clashes Head-On With The Exacting Moral And Spiritual Codes He Has Laid Down For Himself And Those Around Him. And As The Self-Doubting Mahatma, Seeking To Distance Himself From Mira Yet Loath To Let Go Of Her Love, Wrestles With His Inner Phantoms, Mira'S Life Begins To Take Another Dramatic Turn . . .

One Night With The Prince

Author: T. M. Mendes
Publisher: Blvnp Incorporated
ISBN: 9781627619967
Size: 38.35 MB
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The rules were simple: . 15 girls were chosen from royal bloodlines to be with the Prince. They are given one night each with him, and in the end he shall choose a bride and make her Queen. So how did someone from Montana, USA get involved in something that was supposed to be for those chosen? Anna sure doesn't know, but she knew that she had to stay away from the Prince as much as she could. With her mischievous ways and un-royal manners, she was sure that the Prince wouldn't pick her. But what if the Prince was as determined to be with her as she was determined to stay away from him? Experience "One Night with the King" meets "Princess Diaries" told with humor in this romantic comedy for all ages and find out what happens when a person goes from nada to royalty.

The True Story Of Ah Q

Author: Lu Hsun
Publisher: Cheng & Tsui
ISBN: 9780917056932
Size: 19.60 MB
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Considered a masterpiece of both content and style.


Author: Charlotte Brontë
Size: 72.16 MB
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Bing Bing Tv

Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
ISBN: 9780008122164
Size: 27.36 MB
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Join Bing and get creative with this wipe clean activity book.