Philip S Moon Map

Publisher: Philip's
ISBN: 9781849073998
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In a convenient folded format, Philip's Moon Map is a superbly detailed, large-format map of the near (visible) side of the Moon. Specially drawn for Philip's by Dr John Murray, an expert on the lunar surface, the map is not only a highly accurate and clear representation of the Moon but is also a practical guide for lunar observers. More than 500 physical features - craters, seas, mountain ranges, peaks, valleys and rilles (elongated depressions) - are named and indexed, and the landing sites of unmanned and manned spacecraft are also marked. The observer can thus readily identify objects seen through binoculars or a telescope, or pick targets for a programme of observation. The accompanying text is a practical guide to Moonwatching, which explains how to use the map and highlights the most interesting lunar features. Close-up images of some of these objects show what the observer can expect to see. Also included are photographs of the Moon at each daily stage and a smaller map of the far side, as revealed by satellites. Guidelines on drawing or photographing the Moon are also included.

Philip S Moon Map Tube

Author: George Philip & Son
ISBN: 9780540090587
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Philip's Moon Map is a completely new large-format map of the near side of the Moon. It has been specially drawn for Philip's by Dr John Murray, a research lecturer at the UK's Open University, who is an expert on the lunar surface. The map is not only a highly accurate and clear representation of the Moon but also a practical guide for lunar observers.More than 500 physical features - craters, seas, mountain ranges, peaks, valleys and rilles (elongated depressions) - are named and indexed, and the landing sites of unmanned and manned spacecraft are also marked. The observer can readily identify objects seen through binoculars or a telescope, or pick targets for a programme of observation.The chart includes a small map of the far side of the Moon (never visible from the Earth).Next to the map is a practical guide to lunar observing. This concise and informative text describes the various types of feature to observe, and is illustrated with drawings and photographs. Tips are given as to the best point in the lunar cycle to observe the most interesting of these features. Guidelines on drawing or photographing the Moon are also included.Colour artworks explain the Moon's orbit, and why its phase (the proportion of the Moon that is visible from Earth) changes during the course of a month. Also explained, with the help of illustrations, are the path of the Moon during the course of the year and why lunar and solar eclipses occur.

The Moon

Author: Bill Leatherbarrow
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 1780239556
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The moon has always been the most obvious feature in our night sky. It is our nearest celestial neighbour, orbiting the earth at an average distance of 384,400 kilometers, and is large enough to display significant detail even to the unaided eye. Our moon has drawn observers since the dawn of humankind, and all people have tried to make sense of the puzzles it poses and the questions it raises. The moon provided our ancient ancestors with one of the earliest means of keeping and measuring time, and many early religions had cults that worshipped it. When it eclipses the sun it provides one of the most awe-inspiring views in nature. In The Moon, celebrated amateur astronomer Bill Leatherbarrow provides expert insight into the history of our study of this compelling astronomical body. Drawing on his own decades of lunar observation, he describes how and why the observation and study of the moon has evolved, particularly in the age of telescopic study. He also offers an overview of current scientific thinking and developments in lunar science since the advent of the Space Age, even providing practical advice on how to make your own observations of the moon. Extensively illustrated with images of the lunar surface taken both from spacecraft and using amateur equipment, this book is an accessible introduction to complex astrophysical concepts that will give all amateur astronomers and anyone fascinated by this natural satellite something to moon over.

Moon Charleston

Author: Jim Morekis
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1640493077
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Get to know Charleston's fun-loving lifestyle, soak up its gothic architecture, and revel in its classic Southern charm with Moon Charleston. Explore the City: Navigate by neighborhood or by activity, with color-coded maps of Charleston's most interesting areas See the Sights: Take a guided tour of Fort Sumter or visit the house where Harriet Tubman worked as a nurse. Admire antebellum architecture on the oldest street in the city or stroll along the harbor's Waterfront Park. Check out the evocative old churches and gothic cemeteries in the French Quarter, or do a little shopping along bustling King Street Get a Taste of the City: Sample freshly-caught seafood, home-style Southern cooking, and the smokiest slabs of barbecue around Bars and Nightlife: Kick back with locals at a dive bar, sip cocktails at a five-star restaurant, or explore the hip Upper King neighborhood Honest Advice: Charleston expert Jim Morekis shares his insider tips Itineraries and Day Trips: Follow itineraries designed for families, beach lovers, history buffs, foodies, and more, and get outside the city to Hilton Head and the Lowcountry Full-Color Photos and Detailed Maps Handy Tools: Background information on Charleston's landscape, history, and culture, tips on getting there and getting around, and advice for travelers with disabilities, families with children, seniors, and LGBTQ+ travelers With Moon Charleston's local know-how and practical advice, you can plan your trip your way. Hitting the road? Try Moon Blue Ridge Parkway Road Trip. Seeing more southern cities? Try Moon Atlanta or Moon Savannah.

The Observer S Guide To Astronomy

Author: Patrick Martinez
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521379458
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How can you find new minor planets, comets and novae? How can you use photoelectric detectors to derive the temperatures of stars? And how can you predict future eclipses and occultations of stars by minor planets? The questions asked by serious amateur astronomers are answered in this authoritative and wide-ranging guide, first published in 1994. For each topic, sound practical methods of observation and the scientific background are given to lead you to better observations. Guidelines also show you how to record and catalogue your observations using the recognised professional terminology and classification schemes. From the simplest pencil drawings of the moon to observations of the most distant galaxies with state-of-the-art CCD cameras and photoelectric photometers, this guide is packed with practical tips for all types of amateur observations. It will develop the observational skills of the keen novice and satisfy the more demanding needs of the experienced amateur astronomer.

Philip S Exploring Stars And Planets

Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1849072841
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Philip's Exploring Stars and Planets is a completely updated and redesigned edition of the popular children's book formerly titled 'Philip's Atlas of Stars and Planets'. Written specially for 8 to 14 year olds, Philip's Exploring Stars and Planets is a colourful and entertaining introduction to the exciting world of astronomy. The book is illustrated with more than 200 colour photographs, artworks and maps, as the author describes the latest developments in the fast-moving fields of space exploration and astronomy. Concise chapters introduce the Sun, the Earth and all the other planets in our Solar System. Then, moving further into space, the author introduces the stars and galaxies, and explores the origin of the Universe.Philip's Exploring Stars and Planets includes a set of star charts showing all the stars visible to the naked eye. A budding astronomer will be able to use these charts to learn the constellations from any point on Earth. A large photograph of the Moon, with its major features clearly labelled, will encourage anyone with binoculars or a telescope to start Moon-watching.Packed with fascinating facts and figures about the wonders of the Universe, Philip's Exploring Stars and Planets concludes with a series of quiz questions, so that the reader can test how much he or she has learned.

Lonesome George

Author: Jorge Sotirios
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing
ISBN: 1921941421
Size: 29.52 MB
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Lonesome George is a comic odyssey that combines travel adventure and comedy in a journey of epic proportions. Author Jorge Sotirios illuminates the beauty of the South American landscape, interweaving its history, culture and people, in his mock heroic quest. Beginning with the writer lured to South American by an Argentine beauty, his journey commences across the equator, through the Amazon jungle and climaxes in the austere Galapagos Islands. Incorporating angels in Argentina to sham Peruvian shaman. From Amazombies appearing on midnight boats, to visiting the lost city of Fordlandia. Accompanying ecowarriors to far -flung villages where jaguars roam, the writer ultimately finds the site of the legendary Amazon warrior women, gliding over the Mirror of the Moon Lake where everything is doubled. The alluring pink dolphin in the Amazon River, said to charm whoever encounters it, is a constant presence. Missionaries and Tarzans coexist with the cult of Che Guevara, with serious topics such as oil exploitation, deforestation and drought. Lonesome George is South America as seen from street and river level and a life- affirming portrayal of people and human emotion as Sotirios' confronts his doppelganger, "Lonesome George", the last surviving tortoise of his species.

Philip S Moon Observer S Guide

Author: Peter Grego
Publisher: Philip's
ISBN: 9781849073325
Size: 51.51 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Philip's Moon Observer's Guide is a practical guide for Moonwatchers, suitable for both beginners and more experienced observers. Peter Grego, a well-known Moon expert, shares his enthusiasm and expertise in this informative book. Features on the Moon are best seen when they are close to the day-night line, known as the terminator. At the heart of Philip's Moon Observer's Guide is a day-by-day lunar observing diary based on the progress of the terminator. Using detailed sections of Moon map for each day, the author explains when to look for which features, enabling you to plan your own lunar explorations. Colourful diagrams, stunning close-up images and straightforward text explain the origin and appearance of the different types of surface feature. Eclipses are always eagerly followed by astronomers, and the author explains the best way to observe and record these fascinating events. Philip's Moon Observer's Guide is divided into seven chapters: Lunar geology and the Moon's features The Moon in space The lunar observer's equipment Moonwatching Recording your observations Eclipses and occultations The space-age Moon Philip's Moon Observer's Guide also includes a glossary of terms as well as details of a number of astronomical societies and groups, together with useful Internet resources.

Atlas Of The Universe Sir Patrick Moore 2005

Author: Phillip's a division of Octopus Publishing Group, Ltd
Publisher: Bukupedia
Size: 63.20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Atlas of the Universe, Phillip's a division of Octopus Publishing Group, Ltd Science / Astronomy - Sir Patrick Moore, 2005

Philip S Moonwatch

Author: Peter Grego
Publisher: Philip's
ISBN: 9780540085439
Size: 19.11 MB
Format: PDF
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A complete starter pack for the lunar observer, Moonwatch contains three essential items for finding your way around the Moon: Philip's Moon Observer's Guide: An illustrated introduction to Moonwatching, describing the best features to observe on each day of the lunar month. Philip's Moon Map: A detailed and attractive large format map of the Moon, with over 500 features labelled and indexed. Philip's Moon Poster: Only available with Moonwatch, this photographic poster shows the Moon on each day of the lunar month. It is double-sided, showing the phases of the Moon as seen from both the northern and southern hemispheres.