The Slayer Rune

Author: John Snow
Publisher: Digital Stories
ISBN: 8293162104
Size: 56.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6054
The Slayer Rune is a historical action-adventure novella with slight supernatural elements. In this first instalment in the new Viking series, the stage is set in Norway in AD 967. Young Sigurd, the chieftain's son, is in love with Yljali, a pretty, foreign thrall girl. But does he manage to fight off his powerful rivals?

Viking Thunder

Author: Emmanuelle de Maupassant
Publisher: Emmanuelle de Maupassant
ISBN: 1521300038
Size: 54.42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 1533
We all struggle. We all desire. Northman Eirik is a leader who lets nothing stand in his way. Elswyth cannot deny her sexual attraction and, ultimately, the satisfaction she finds in Eirik's bed. Can Eirik offer her more? Where does her happiness lie? As Elswyth explores her true identity, she is torn in her loyalty. If she returns with the Northmen to their distant lands, what dark secrets await?

The Viking

Author: Marti Talbott
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781502929044
Size: 74.92 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 3371
At not quite fifteen, Stefan's father finally let him board the longship Sja Vinna to take part in his first Viking raid. But the battle was not at all what he expected and he found himself alone and stranded in Scotland. Thirteen-year-old Kannak's problem was just as grave. Her father deserted them and the only way to survive, she decided, was to take a husband over her mother's objections. Then suddenly she found herself helping a hated Viking escape. Could Kannak successfully hide a Viking in the middle of a Scottish Clan? And why was someone plotting to kill the clan's beloved laird?

The Viking S Chosen

Author: Quinn Loftis
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing
ISBN: 1634222733
Size: 32.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6031
The prophesy must be fulfilled. His orders are clear: launch a raid against England and bring home the spoils of war. But the prophecy is also clear: General Torben will take a foreign bride—one who is a seer and healer just like his mother. The eldest princess of England is said to be just that…a beautiful, charming, and headstrong woman. But he's a Viking army general and she's an English princess—and one who is already promised to the king of Tara. Two worlds collide in this epic historical fiction centered on an undeniable chemistry that smolders against the odds. Richly written and injected with moments of humor, this action-packed romantic tale will leave you breathless. Quinn Loftis is the author of twenty novels, including the USA Today Bestseller Fate and Fury. Books in the Clan Hakon Series: The Viking's Chosen (February 2018) The Viking's Captive (Winter 2018) The Viking's Consort (Fall 2019)

City Of Skies

Author: Farah Cook
ISBN: 9781543057188
Size: 32.60 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6162
ONE GIRL. A DEADLY QUEST. AN EPIC JOURNEY. Nora Hunt has just joined the deadly quest to discover an ancient legend: the nine worlds of the Vikings. Her post-apocalyptic dystopian world, Triangle of Peace, is the only home she's ever known. But at sixteen years old, the skilled young warrior joins an elite band of raiders called Jarls. Her mission? Merely to win the perilous battle for the artifacts that awaken the Viking realms and avoid falling in love with the charming boy who just happens to be her worst enemy-and she's not quite sure which task is more difficult. But when Nora learns the Norse gods bestowed upon her a mystical secret in the form of the tattoo on her back, the stakes are higher than ever to claim the great Viking Empires.

Viking Warrior

Author: Judson Roberts
Publisher: Judson Roberts
ISBN: 0578076438
Size: 61.91 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1367
Despite being the son of a chieftain and a princess, fourteen-year-old Halfdan lives as a slave in Denmark in A.D. 845 but through a tragic bargain he gains his freedom and sets out to claim his birthright.

The Viking S Captive

Author: Quinn Loftis
Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing
ISBN: 1634223047
Size: 16.88 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 7630
Prophecy spoken. Alliances broken. Will duty come before love? The Viking's Captive is the exciting sequel to The Viking's Chosen by USA Today Bestseller Quinn Loftis. Torben is faced with a terrible choice: rescue the woman he loves from the clutches of a madman, or save his people from attack by a ruthless foreign invader. He longs to save Allete, especially since the clan's oracle has prophesized that she will become his queen and help unite the clans. But if saving the princess means abandoning his clan, the choice would be unconscionable. Torben races across land and sea on a collision course with Magnus, Allete's kidnapper and Torben's former king. Their meeting will change the fate of Clan Hakon—either saving it from destruction or splintering it forever. Will Torben be able to rescue Allete before Magnus' actions ruin them all? Or will Cathal find the princesses first, enslaving them and using them for his own twisted purposes? Swords will clash and arrows will fly before the fate of Allete and Torben is finally decided. Novels in The Clan Hakon Series Include: The Viking's Chosen (February 12, 2018) The Viking's Captive (November 27, 2018) The Viking's Consort (Fall 2019)

Space Viking

Author: H. Beam Piper
Publisher: 谷月社
Size: 31.51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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They stood together at the parapet, their arms about each other's waists, her head against his cheek. Behind, the broad leaved shrubbery gossiped softly with the wind, and from the lower main terrace came music and laughing voices. The city of Wardshaven spread in front of them, white buildings rising from the wide spaces of green treetops, under a shimmer of sun-reflecting aircars above. Far away, the mountains were violet in the afternoon haze, and the huge red sun hung in a sky as yellow as a ripe peach. His eye caught a twinkle ten miles to the southwest, and for an instant he was puzzled. Then he frowned. The sunlight on the two thousand-foot globe of Duke Angus' new ship, the Enterprise, back at the Gorram shipyards after her final trial cruise. He didn't want to think about that, now. Instead, he pressed the girl closer and whispered her name, "Elaine," and then, caressing every syllable, "Lady Elaine Trask of Traskon." "Oh, no, Lucas!" Her protest was half joking and half apprehensive. "It's bad luck to be called by your married name before the wedding." "I've been calling you that in my mind since the night of the Duke's ball, when you were just home from school on Excalibur."...

To Sin With A Viking

Author: Michelle Willingham
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373297505
Size: 42.34 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 6067
Includes an excerpt from Mistress at midnight by Sophia James.

Celtic Viking

Author: Lexy Timms
Publisher: W.J. May
Size: 68.93 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1373
In a world plagued with darkness, she would be his salvation. No one gave Erik a choice as to whether he would fight or not. Duty to the crown belonged to him, his father's legacy remaining beyond the grave. Taken by the beauty of the countryside surrounding her, Linzi would do anything to protect her father's land. Britain is under attack and Scotland is next. At a time she should be focused on suitors, the men of her country have gone to war and she's left to stand alone. Love will become available, but will passion at the touch of the enemy unravel her strong hold first? Fall in love with this Historical Celtic Viking Romance. * There are 3 books in this series. Book 1 will end on a cliff hanger. *Note: this is NOT erotica. It is a romance and a love story. Keywords: historical free romance, scottish historical romance, highland romance, highlander romance, viking historical romance, celtic romance free kindle books, celtic historical romance. Readers who enjoy Shelly Thacker, Marti Talbott, Joanna Davis, R.L. Syme, Sky Purington, will enjoy this Viking Highlander Celtic Romance.