Over The River

Author: Christo
Publisher: Taschen America Llc
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Rtls For Dummies

Author: Ajay Malik
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470533226
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Select, invest in, and deploy a Real Time Location System Is your business ready for an RTLS? This friendly, hands-on guide shows you how to understand and implement this cutting-edge technology, explaining RTLS methodologies in plain English. From the initial deployment to monitoring to determining Return on Investment, you'll see how to successfully meet your needs, ensure data accuracy, and sustain your system. Get your bearings — understand what RTLS does and its various methodologies, determine your needs, and select the right system Prepare for installation — outline your goals, plan your applications, assess your site, select the right tag technology, and conduct a pilot test Implement RTLS in your world — know how to train your staff, set expectations, set up monitoring, and assess whether the RTLS is working as desired Deal with design issues — learn the most common pitfalls of RTLS implementation and how to handle them Take the technology tour — use RTLS to locate at choke points, room level, presence, by association, and precisely Monitor and secure your RTLS — verify and fine-tune your system, establish performance metrics, and manage security issues and vulnerabilities such as network attacks Open the book and find: An overview of RTLS and its uses Explanations of underlying technologies How to integrate RTLS into your other business applications Comparative detail on technologies that enable different types of locating Tips for evaluating RTLS vendors Essential RTLS resources and references Tips for getting the most out of the batteries used in tags Privacy issues related to RTLS


Author: Tobias Dantzig
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Scenario Planning

Author: Gill Ringland
Publisher: John Wiley & Son Limited
ISBN: 9780471977902
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Scenario Planning Managing for the Future Gill Ringland "Nobody can ignore the future. This book is a must-read for any manager aspiring to put scenarios into practice." Arie De Geus, Former Director of Shell International Petroleum and author of The Living Company "Never since the great geographical expansions of the eighteenth century has so much latent potential been met with tools so ill-fitted to harness it. Information technology will change how, where, when we work. Scenario Planning offers us a mechanism by which to bring structure to this and other forms of complexity; offering us the vital ability to understand the dynamics of change." Oliver Sparrow, Chatham House Forum Business today operates in a world of major change. Economies, commerce and lifestyles are constantly shifting but it is the information revolution which will prove the most radical since its agricultural and industrial counterparts. It cannot be constrained by borders but is simultaneously reaching across the world. In this environment, the techniques for planning business over the past decades are no longer sufficient. Forecasts based on current trends, or estimates of growth based on history are in danger of becoming obsolete all too quickly. The idea in the early days of mainframe computers that 'every major country will need one' demonstrates how uncertain the future can really be. The scenario planning techniques described in this book will enable anyone to think about uncertainty in a structured way. Key features are: * detailed 'how to' look for early indicators of directions, and identify possible courses of action for those new to scenarios. * extensive case studies, including ICL, British Airways and United Distillers. * includes 'do' as well as 'do not' examples to aid practitioners; tells you what works when and why. * takes a conceptual, rather than a mathematical approach. The overall message of this book is that scenarios are not predictions or forecasts, but they are powerful weapons in managing the uncertainties of the future. Jacket illustration by Nick Orsborne